Ubuntu support

Sometimes taking the leap is the better choice

Ubuntu 20.4

The hidden operating system which is about to take over from other brands. This is a Linux based system that is an open-source contributor.

Need support

It is not for the basic computer user and you would need support to get past the first part of the setup. Once you have made the transfer you will be happy you finally took that brave leap. This is a smooth and enjoyable system, that respects your privacy more than others.


This may come as no surprise due to the recently discovered traits of the corporate industry. This operating system still has a fair way to go, but with the boost of interest and coding participants, it can be one of the leading brands. It is similar to google, where it is open to people for developments. Sometimes we get very comfortable using a particular brand and forget that other software could potentially have similar or better capabilities.  is one of those products that would be easily overlooked but let’s not forget apple uses the same coding structure. 

There are two main kernel structures one being Linux and the other windows.  the more one particular brand is used the more interesting games and Investment.  this is why it’s important to test and use other options which help to keep the market open.  giving one particular software too much power can ultimately dangerous territory because of the level of power and Influence holds.


we have seen this with companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and/or YouTube. dominating the market leads these companies to believe they are able to do what they like. This is why it’s important to use other available tools as it provides a fairer playing field. We have made it easier to try out something new? well we say new but this has been going on for a while it’s just that people get very comfortable with what they are used to. 

Operating system

if you are the adventurous type and would like to see and use another operating system this is a great one to start with.  You can get easily frustrated with this operating system as it is not been made simplified for the common user.  This could be the reason why not many people have tried to use it. With our plug-and-play and support, you would be able to enjoy the benefits.

Ubuntu 21.04

Soon to be released into the market, now they have support from 123line, they will see a fast increase in interest and more people will find the pleasure of using it

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