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We want entrepreneurs to be able to get the support they need so we can grow and build with you. If you have a contract with us, you will be given our internal support system ticketing access.

Connect with support.

and get on the spot assistant with 123line.  When your staff members are working entirely and get interrupted by a problem, having great support makes all the difference. We have a quick fix solution that allows you to use our website to connect with your assigned engineer. if you have been directed to do this by one of our engineers you would have been given an ID number and/or access code id that allows the engineer to connect to your machine. This method is normally used if our engineer believes he/she can resolve the situation within 30-minutes or less. They sometimes may just want to check if something is possible to quickly fix before it is escalated to a more senior engineer. Some of the main issues people come across are resolvable within 30mins time. it is quite common for an end-user to be uncomfortable when it comes to troubleshooting particular issues on the PC. Using our connect with support is a speedy process used as part of a ticket investigation. connecting with the support is easier for us to resolve the problem as it allows us to connect remotely on the machine. without having something to facilitate this would ultimately cost your business another expenes as we would need to send over an engineer to assist on-site. This feature is just one of the options that we have along with a few other options. we are always seeking easier ways to assist our clients. Connect with support to resolved any issue without having to explain too much verbally makes the troubleshooting process an easier task. There are a few things that need to be done before connecting to your device but once you have received your access code or ID number the time of wasting will be no comparison. The process is to get consent that you have given us access to, we no longer have access after disconnect and these IDs will be different each time

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