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This business has been growing in development since 2006. This company first started with the name Intuition-UK, and was more tailored towards business development. We found that most of our business development involved IT projects and the work coming in was predominantly within the IT sector. We still have the same concept but now direct focus on the IT development side of things. The company was, you could say a test run, finding our feet. This company was established in 2019 and the brand has now attracted corporate companies such as Tesco’s, BBC, HP, and Many other FTSE 100 Brands.


123Line network remote support and management ,will focus on your demands at all times, as we see your business as our business. If your business is facing hard times, we would see that as a potential loss,  therefore, it is within our best interest to make sure you have minimal disruption surrounding your network infrastructure. Having a dedicated team of engineers in London, Cardiff and Maidstone, who can help provide the support you need within your network is essential to the business . Get remote support and/or onsite assistants and help keep your online presence consistent. As a result, you get more time to concentrate on the important things . Keeping you online as frequent as possible is important  to the business, as being offline cost money. Our tailored solution of understanding your business and it’s needs, helps us deliver. Getting the initial planning suitable for your business is the correct step to make, as it lowers the chances of having problems further down the line.  In other words the last thing you want is continuous disruption, because your network was installed by a sales motivated company, on top of that then sends a inexperienced engineer to install it.

How to make a start with us?

The first thing we would get you to do is book in one of our engineers. Prepare all the questions you may need to ask, for when you book in an engineer. This shows us you are ready to have someone with expert knowledge take a look at your options. You will be advised on the best possible solution, and cost effective possibilities.  Our expert advice is not tailored around sales, therefore preventing you from out of pocket expenses, not needed for your network. We keep it simple and go for what’s necessary firstly, followed by the endurance of a setup. Believe it or not we don’t want you to call us, as this shows we are doing our job and makes life easier for both parties, if your call-outs are kept to a minimum.


Our Clients

Polycom VOIP Line Rental & Installation Services

Polycom VOIP Line Rental & Installation Services

In today's dynamically evolving business landscape, the dependency on robust telecommunication systems is paramount. Integrating Polycom VOIP technology into the very fabric of organisational communication reinforces a business’s ability to operate with both agility...

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