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Line rentals are one of the most hesitant necessaries we need in our business. Yes we would love to have a phone line, but will i get value for the money if no body is calling? What if i employ anyone and the phones just sit there UN-used? These are all the questions you need to ask yourself if your new to the business world. Maybe your business is doing well and you need a good reliable phone system to take onboard your new business traffic. We understand both sides and have been on both sides of the fence. We can provide you with a excellent service work out of the best telecom systems confirming they are regulated by of com and instated by  ‘Publicly Available Telephone Service’ (“PATS”). We can construct the entire install and maintain the service to keep you consistent. Our prices vary, and we would need to know information about your business to give you the best option. Some of the questions would be, how many phones do you need? do you want voice messaging? have you got the network to facilitate the VOIP? Which system and other management softwares like your PBX system you will need. The best thing would be to book an engineer to gather your specifics.

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