Data centre management

Managing your out of area can be tricky

Data centre management is a much needed process. IF you have chosen to go with a particular company due to the cost, or purely for the good service. The company you go for might use equipt outside of the country. This happens to many businesses, and sometimes unavoidable. It would be unheard of to send an engineer on the plane to repair a fault on the system. Data centres do very little to handle any individual companies issues. Their goal is to make sure everything remains online. Although this might sound like an easy task, it is far from it. 123line data centre management, works with corporate brands such as Tesco, HP, BBC, and council borough having difficulties with an existing machine that need repairing. We have a unique globle ticket system designed to assist with problems such as this. Once a ticket request for an issue occurs, we are then able to arrange an onsite visit to the data centre where your equipment is stationed.

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