Data centre containment construct

We can design and install your containment for your data centre space

Data centre containment

Data centres are becoming more and more of an essential part of business. Many of you would say not many people are using them due to size of the business, but actually we use them more than you think. For example, if you have a website you probably have a shared server. Most shared servers are hosted at data centres, which means the use of a data centre are more needed than expected. We have project managed data centre spaces and build the containments that host your equipment.

Data centre containment construct is the project management of your cabinet and equipment within your chosen data centre.  we will liaise with the data centre management to identify a suitable space an instalment time for your cabinet and equipment to be installed. if you’re Situated in another country and for territorial reasons need your equipment to be based in the UK, 123line can assist in this process. You could just need to have it localised we are able to take on-board this project. this can be a long drawn-out process with different stages of security. 123line project management team will handle the procurement of equipment, allocation of space and the communication between parties. Once all deliverable’s have been made and the project has been made verbally and on paper, we would arrange a time for the installation to take place. Once the installation is complete we can also assist with the configuration making sure it becomes part of your business. time frames could vary leading to time zone issues, whereas communication needs to be fit to a specific schedule.  In this case, email communication once established roles have been made could work sufficiently enough to complete the task. we’re not able to give prices on data centre space renting, our prices are based purely on project management. we will make sure that you are within your deadline but we are very clear that this project takes a minimum of 8 months to complete. hopefully, you have planned ahead of time and do not expect this to be done in a few weeks. You must consider obstacles that could slow the time scale. for example, we’ve already mentioned one that would be the time zone also, availability. other possible delays ie, delivery of units depending on what country they are shipped in from especially, as the EU has added complications. You will be assigned a main project manager whom you will communicate with at all times. Any changes in plan or enhancements would be directed to your appointed manager. the stages are normally in the order of as follows. 


  1. pick the location of the most convenient data centre 
  2. availability and space requirements
  3. account opening at a data centre and assignment of regions 

4.purchase of cabinets and equipment. 

  1. delivery arrangements and storage 
  2. installation date and requirements 
  3. liaise with data centre management on installation day
  4. install equipment and configuration

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