£350.00 GBP
Create my millionaire app

Do you have an idea you wish to get off the ground? Just dont have the skill or team to help you with it. Look no futher we are here to help and advise and get you started. You might need to work and pay your way at the same time, but you have your idea in developement and thats the main thing. Use our trusted team, have a chance of investment and get your dream business in progress.

£500.00 GBP
Create app and website

Do you have a brilliant idea and need someone to take care of the business idea whilst you work and continue paying the bills. Well this is the package for you, if you are sick of working for someone there is only one way out of it. Creating your business will be your exit plan, start your idea today.

£600.00 GBP
App, website and marketing

This is so we create your app and also do the marketing for you. We know your working full time, but investing in yourself makes all the difference. Get away from working for someone let us help you develop your business and app and all you need to do if pay this little amount each month and leave the rest to us.