£60.00 GBP
SEO Basic

Get your website listed and all your new pages added to the search engines. We will create your Google Analytics account, submit all pages and keep it updated on every new change.

£300.00 GBP

You have all the required accounts and now wish to start ranking. We will now start attaching all the necessary tags, alternative text, and back-links to increase your generic ranking levels. You will also get monthly reports and be shown the levels of progress.

£500.00 GBP
SEO Corporate Level

You have all the accounts in place, you have started ranking for your keywords, but wish to remain on the first pages of all search engines. SEO is a continuous effort and you need to make sure you keep updated with all the search engine requirements. You also need to maintain your website and make sure you do not have any error pages or broken links. All different aspect can lower your ranking, we will keep you on-top of your competition by taking away this nonstop ongoing battle.